Twitter search bar is becoming a lot like the search on Google. Filters, exact quotes and links are given the same approach. Like! I was searching for some Nikon news earlier and to my surprise, Twitter suggested this:

Apparently there is so much more than images, news or videos that you can find. To make it clear, here’s what I mean:

  • Nikon news – this will give you a result containing both “Nikon” and “news”
  • “Nikon news” – containing the exact phrase ‘Nikon news’ (or whatever you place between the inverted commas)
  • Nikon filter:links – contains “Nikon” and will link you to relevant URLs. Same goes for Nikon filter:images and filter:news. 
  • My personal favourite: flight 🙁 with #WizzAir filter – containing “flight” and a negative attitude tagged #WizzAir … Oh I was sure there are many of these and I was right: