On March 12, Hubspot ran an event in Amsterdam on inbound marketing tactics and strategies directed towards lead generation and lead nurturing. Topics ranged from content creation, social media and marketing analytics to how you stack up against your competition.

The Hubspotters present included Jeetu Mahtani, Managing Director of Hubspot, Ian Byrne, Inbound Marketing Specialist, Kim Darling, Senior Marketing Manager and Nikita Smits, Senior Channel Consultant.

The day kicked off with Jeetu’s presentation on where inbound marketing stands today. So, fellow marketers, it seems we have a “lovability” problem: we stand somewhere between politicians and stockbrokers when it comes to how much people love us. You get the picture… Although I do love my stockbroker! And M., if you are reading this, go make me some money!

Here are some key points to take away from this presentation:

  • Many marketers and companies create bad experiences – stop creating boring marketing!
  • If you interrupt your customer from his busy life, make sure you make it worth his time
  • How your customers buy today: people prefer to educate themselves before they speak with a sales guy. Whether they get this information online (Twitter, Google, etc.) or from their trusted sources (suppliers, friends, etc.), by the time you reach them, they already know who you are, what your company does and whether they want anything to do with you or not.


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1. Understand your audience 

This one is pretty self-explanatory: you can’t sell if you don’t know what your customer really wants.

2. Attract and convert with content  


Your content must do at least one of these four things:

  • Add value
  • Answer questions
  • Solve a problem
  • Simply entertain

3. Personalize your marketing: 

Inbound marketing

4. Measure like a pro! 

Needless to dwell on what the use of analyzing your actions is. Think ROI, NPS Score, number of visitors, leads, etc.

5. Hire the right people



Following Jeetu’s presentation, Ian gave us a nice overview of Hubspot in action which made it clear on how it works and what you can expect from the software. I’m not going to go into details on this one, but you can check out more information about features and pricing here.

The last part of the event featured three cases that successfully implemented the Hubspot approach. The speaker panel included Thomas Witt of Thomas Witt Consulting; Fred Zimney from Open University Netherlands and Anabel de Vetter from Showpad. You can follow Anabel and Showpad on Twitter as well to see their latest updates. Discussions lasted way past the allocated time slot as all panelists were keen to share their experiences during the networking lunch that followed.

All in all, there were some great takeaways from the event and I am looking forward to more learning opportunities like this.

For the love of marketing, as they say, go out and make your marketing valuable.


Anabel, Thomas and Fred tell their approach to inbound marketin

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Here’s one for all the Marketing Marys out there.