I was reading this article on Mashable earlier today so I went down the rabbit hole and spent the next hour laughing or at least slightly smiling at some other funny OOO auto replies.

So far, Ann Handley‘s from MarketingProfs is my favourite and just had to share it. I started following Ann after her guest appearance on the FIR B2B podcast where she talked about content marketing and its challenges & benefits for B2B. And if you’re wondering what Ann said, check it out here.

But that’s content for another post. In the meantime, smile a little at Ann’s out of office auto-reply.

As I am leaving on vacation in a couple of weeks, I could not help but craft my very own auto-responder which I have safely saved in a draft until the time comes to use it. And use it I shall.


Out-of-officeWhat’s your auto-responder? Do you like to get creative or do you prefer the classic message?


Let me know in the comment section below 🙂